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ProWorks Insurance is a company who provides insurance policies to the clients with diligent and accurate policies service. They are specialized in insurance for contractors as well as the construction industry and operating out of Rolling Hills Estates, California and offer the clients invaluable expertise with a personalized approach including the California Workers Comp.

This company has proven track record of providing solutions to solve insurance issues for one-man artisan contractors to large-scale general contracting firms such as Commercial Truck Insurance. They also have built a solid reputation in developing cost-effective insurance strategies for clients. The coverage services are including general and Contractors Liability Insurance, business/commercial auto policies, property insurance, equipment/ marine coverage, license, bid, surety and other bonds and also most others commercial policies.

They also offer the opportunity to demonstrate the service and the ability to access wide variety of carriers. This company review business practices, priority, concerns and customized plan to fulfill your needs. The employees get a rigorous training program to ensure that they are up to date with the new programs and changes within the industry. They will serve the customers with a friendly and professional attitude in order to provide the best and efficient services.

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