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The CNN services for business world brings you to several options of world’s investment and business opportunity in many scopes, in different range of investment level and risk level. Those recommendations are worth to try for you investors who like to explore new business opportunity in a country or places where no investor have reached before.

One example of business opportunities that are recommended in the website is tapping the new Nouveau Riche. This point may allow you to build a social network among Russian millionaires. Nouveau Riche has made a good target for web investors, due to the Russian upper class economic condition in the recent time. Nouveau Riche will make a good opportunity in social networking because of the people’s tendency to show their status off. The main thing that is important to have to start the business is s skillful and wealthy person who will be responsible in spreading the network.

Do not forget that building this business will make you deal with other rich people, buying and selling luxurious stuffs and more. A great amount of investment level is needed, ranging from $500K to $1 million. This kind of high level new business opportunity may also cause you a high risk.

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